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Soccer Websites:


        - News about the English Premier League and every team -


        - News about World Soccer and individual teams from Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, and many more -


        - Website run by ESPN, Good news and the team of the week -

4) World Soccer Magazine

        - My favorite magazine in all the world, printed in England for the English lads -

Championship Manager Websites:

1) The Dugout

        - Downloads, Stories, and a good forum for everyone who likes Championship Manager -

2) Champ-Man

        - Website with good information on the teams of Championship Manager -

Music Websites:

1) New Music Express

        - A English magazine dealing with English music. News on Blur, Oasis, U2, etc. can be found here -

2) Billboard Magazine

        - News on American music and what's going on in our backyard -

Oasis Websites:

1) Oasis' Official Website

        - News on one of the greatest bands in Rock And Roll -

2) The Mad Ferrets Oasis Website

        - Its a top website... better news than the official website -

3) I Hope, I Think, I Kn-OASIS

        - Just like the Ferrets site, provides news etc -

U2 Websites:

1) The Official U2 Website

        - News and features on the greatest band to come from Ireland -

2) For Love Or Money, A Guide To U2 Bootlegs

        - Wonderful site about live U2 CD's and bootlegs, recommended -

3) @U2

        - Website with all kinds of information on the 2 -

Blur Websites:

1) Blur: The Official Site

        - Features on Blur and information -

2) BlurTalk

        - A ace website from England... about the lads that know how to rock.

The Who Websites:

1) Pete Townshends Official Website

        - News, Diaries, and information on the greatest lyricist ever -