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Waiting Around.jpg (55916 bytes)

Waiting Around For Everything To Begin

Sarah.jpg (61569 bytes)

Sarah, Surprisingly Happy

Bo.jpg (61026 bytes)

Bo Sheleheda.... the man

Debbie And Abbey.jpg (61235 bytes)

Debbie And Abbey

Heather And Tiff.jpg (57367 bytes)

Heather And Tiffany, Young Professionals

Jus Ledonne With Project.jpg (56269 bytes)

Justin Ledonne With Physical Project

Pimps.jpg (63643 bytes)

The Pimps arriving to school (notice Pooters car)

Pooter With Glasses.jpg (56977 bytes)

Pooter Showing Off His Safety Glasses

Sarah 2.jpg (65593 bytes)

Sarah, Again Happy